Stephen Marks

Born in Washington DC, Stephen Marks grew up in NY and LA. After graduating from The Leeds School of Business at UC Boulder, he started his career in the William Morris mailroom and spent the next two years working as assistant to the heads of worldwide television in both network and cable. He was then hired away by rival agency, ICM, where he spent the next 7 years as a tv packaging agent. After leaving ICM, Stephen joined Metropolitan Talent Agency where he worked for the next 10 years and headed up their literary division.

As an agent, Stephen handled the careers of many comics, writers, and directors and he packaged close to 50 television shows including two of the longest running series ever; “Cops,” and “Modern Marvels.”

Having always considered himself “an agent who managed,” Stephen transitioned into management to get even closer to the creative process. He became a partner at Evolution Management where he represented writers and directors in both tv and film. His writer clients have written everything from hugely successful features like “Shrek 2” “Vantage Point” and “Bad Grampa” to tv series from “Law and Order, SVU” to “America’s Funniest Home Videos” to “Sin City Saints,” Yahoo’s first scripted series.

Stephen’s director clients range from some of the top producer/directors of drama series to sought-after directors in primetime and cable comedies and children’s series.

Stephen keeps his hand in “alternative television,” representing a number of top showrunners and production companies, many of whom are multiple Emmy Award winners.

With the encouragement of clients and other industry professionals, Stephen set out to “build a better mousetrap” and established Dialed-In Entertainment in March of 2015.

In collaboration with his clients, he is currently attached to produce several scripted and non-scripted series (and even a couple of features) which are set up with various buyers around town.

Stephen is married to the fabulous, Michelle Marks and, other than her, his passions include motorcycle riding, skiing, and golf. He also loves world travel and has been on every continent at least once.